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Arctic loon


Northwestern Aviation can provide you access to numerous Arctic habitats where you can see birds on their Arctic nesting grounds as they take advantage of the abundant food supply that make their long migrations worthwhile.

Bering Land Bridge - Cape Espenberg with it's unique flora and fauna is a 30 minute flight from Kotzebue in our Cessna 185 on floats. Take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to view over 170 species at the crosswords of the Asiatic-North American flyway. An excellent location to view several Old World species.

Cape Krusenstern - A majority of this National Park Service Monument is coastal plain with several large coastal barrier lagoons offering a variety of wetland habitats and abundant birding opportunities within a close distance of Kotzebue.

Noatak River - With its 435 river miles it provides numerous opportunities to view birds in several tundra and forest ecosystems. The lower stretches of the river became quite popular with birders when repeated sightings of Siberian tits were recorded in the vicinity of the Kelly River and Noatak River confluence.

A bird list for Cape Krusentern National Monument, Noatak National Preserve and Kobuk Valley Park is available from the National Park Service office in Kotzebue and on their website ( Ideal times for viewing birds are June and early July. Come see for yourself and share your observations with the "Partners in Flight" Program, perhaps even volunteer a day at one of the Park Service's bird banding stations located in Kotzebue and in the parks. We'll be glad to put you in contact with local birding enthusiasts.

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