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Western Arctic Caribou gather in large numbers every summer

Wildlife Photography

The abundant wildlife in the region provide excellent opportunities for professional and amateur wildlife photographers alike. We have supported professional cinematography crews as well as clients who just wished to see wildlife with a camera tucked in their packs. Dall sheep, moose, muskox, brown bears, red fox, and caribou are often captured on film along with numerous avian species.

Perhaps one of the most spectacular sights in this region is the post-calving aggregations of the Western Arctic Caribou Herd. The herd consists of approximately 200,000 animals. After their stay on North Slope calving grounds in June, large aggregations of caribou swing toward the coast and then through the Delong Mountains. As these groups pass through the Noatak tributaries their presence through time is marked by immense trail systems. Being in their presence is truly a once in a lifetime experience. Caribou typically pass through these area in early July.

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